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S. J. Farlow

Professor of Mathematics


Dept of Mathematics and Statistics    

332 Neville Hall

University of Maine

Orono, ME.  04469



  tel:  (207) 581-3907












B.S.   Iowa State University  (Physics)
M.S.  University of Iowa  (Mathematics)
Ph.D. Oregon State University  (Mathematics)

Public Health Service: National Institutes of Health  (1962-1968) 


Editorial Duties: I am honored to serve as Associate Editor at European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics


Mathematical Interests: Optimal control theory, GMDH algorithms, logic regression, textbook writing.

Hobby Interests:  Travel writing, marathon racing.  ultra marathon racing

Selected Publications:

1.   An Existence Theorem for Periodic Solutions of a Parabolic Boundary Value Problem of the Second Kind [PDF]  Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, November, 1968.

2.   A Sequence of Families Converging in an Equiconvergent Manner [PDF], American Mathematical Monthly, May, 1969.

3.  An Interesting Generalization of a Simple Limit Theorem, Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, Fall 1970.

4.  A Note on Switching Times for Time-Optimal Control Systems IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control,  Vol. AC-15, Feb, 1970.

5.   An Interesting Generalization of a Simple Limit Theorem Math Gazette, 1971.

6.   On Finding Switching Times in Time-Optimal Control Systems, International Journal of Control, 1973.

7.   Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Boundary-Value Problems of the Second Kind of Parabolic Type [abstract PDF] Portugaliae Mathematica,  Vol 32, 1973.

8.   Analytical Solutions to Second-Order Differential EquationsComputer and Math with Applications,  Vol. 1,  1977.

9.   6 Enter 8 Times = Int. J. of Math. Ed.,  1980.

10.   Some Extensions of the Clarke and Wright Method [abstract PDF]OPSEARCH, Vol 19,  No. 3, 1982.

11.   The GMDH Algorithm [PDF]  American Statistician, 1982.

12.   Memory of a Probability Distribution, Int. J. of Math.Ed. Sci. Tech, 1982.

13.   Driving Linear Systems to Zero in Given Time,  1982,  Int. J. of Systems Science.

14.   Self-Organizing Methods in Modeling, Proceedings of the International Conference on Modeling, 1983.

15.   Searching for Structure: GMDH Type AlgorithmsInvited Lecture, 4th International Conference of Modeling, 1983.

16.   Trisecting the Circle, Squaring the Angle, and Other Mathematical MiscellaniesInt. J. of Math Ed.  1984.

17.   A Computer Program for Ranking Athletic TeamsInt. Journal on Math. Ed., Vol. 15, 1984.

18.   Driving Complex Systems to Zero in Given Time, International Journal of Systems Science, 1984.

19.   Exact Control of a System of Diffusion Equations [abstract in PDF], International Journal of Control, 1985.

20.   Exact Controls of Linear Systems with Multiply Controls,  IEEE Transactions of Automatic Control,  AC-30, Aug, 1985.

21.   Exact Control of Partial Differential Equations by Piecewise Constant Controls [PDF], Int. Journal of Systems Science, 1986, Vol 17, No. 1.

22.   Potential Theory: Reformulating Boundary-Value Problems as Integral Equations,  Int. Journal of Math. Ed., Jan 1998.

23.   An Ingenious Idea of George Green,   Int. Journal of Math Ed.  June 1999.

24.  A Self-Organizing Model for Logic Regression, European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 2009

Selected Books:

1.   Partial Differential Equations (John Wiley & Sons,1982)

2.   Self-Organizing Methods in Modeling (Marcel Dekker,1984)

3.   Applied Mathematics (Random House,1988)

4.   Introduction to Calculus (McGraw Hill, 1990)

5.   Calculus and Its Applications (McGraw-Hill,1990)

6.   Finite Mathematics (McGraw Hill, 1992)

7.   Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (McGraw-Hill,1994)

8.   It's a Math, Math, Math, Math World (Aardvark Press, 1997)

9.   The Girl Who Ate Equations for Breakfast (Aardvark Press, 1998)

10.  Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (Prentice Hall, 2002)

11.  Intro to Ordinary Differential Equations (Dover Publications, 2005)

12.  Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, Second Ed. (Prentice Hall 2006)

13.  A Taste of Pure Mathematics  (2008)

14.  Selected Problems and Their Solutions in Partial Differential Equations (2013)

15.  Paradoxes in Mathematics (Dover Publications 2013)





The Maine Stein Song has the distinction of being the only college fight song which doubled as a national hit song.

Lift .... your steins to Calculus .... Sing to the Law of Cosines .... Stand and integrate once again .... Let every loyal fan sing      (RAH RAH RAH)     Drink ... to all the limits found ....  Drink to the Taylor Series ....  Drink to Maine our Alma Matre ...   The school where we learned calculus.        To an x to a y .... To the series that sum to infinity .!..  To the curves that are straight ...   To the length of the arc of a lemnicate ....  To the max to the min ... To the Witch of Agnesi our heroine  ...  To the gods thankfully ...  To the teacher that gave me a C!    ...   Lift your steins to Calculus .... Sing to the Rieman sum .... Stand and find a cusp once again ....  Let every loyal fan sing   (RAH RAH RAH)  ....    Drink ... to all the asymptotes ..... Drink to the ratio test ....  Drink to Maine our Alma Matre ...  The school where we learned Calculus!     (Nats Wolraf)