Hiebeler's Pictures in China (1998)

These pictures were taken in Hangzhou on my trip during early summer 1998.

You can click on a picture for a larger version.

Telling my story to the kindergarten kids While I was visiting Zhejiang Agricultural University in Hangzhou during May 1998, I also visited the campus kindergarten. The photo on the left ended up being published on front page of the May 31, 1998 edition of the 钱江晚报 (Qian2 Jiang1 Wan3 Bao4) newspaper, and in the eastern edition (June 11) and overseas edition (June 15) of 人民日报 (Ren2 Min2 Ri4 Bao4, People's Daily). You can see pictures of the newspapers here. I was at the kindergarten to read a story I'd published in a Chinese children's magazine; pictures of the two magazines containing stories I've written are available here: "The Little Monkey's Adventure", and "Why Did the Deer Stomp His Foot?". Trying to join the kindergarten parade
Photo by MA Yantao Photo by MA Yantao

While visiting the kindergarten, I met two young twin sisters. (Photo by SUI Lili) With the twin Chinese girls
After my picture was published in the newspaper, the Hangzhou television station got interested, so they sent a couple of people to interview me (at the kindergarten again). (Photo by SUI Lili) With the Hangzhou TV station reporters

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