SPEED Lab Current Members


David Hiebeler Dr. David Hiebeler
Associate Prof., Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics
The SPEED Lab is Dr. Hiebeler's research group
Frank Drummond Dr. Frank Drummond
Prof. of Insect Ecology and Insect Pest Management
School of Biology and Ecology
Dr. Drummond is collaborating with the group on applications of the models such as pest management.

The group as of Spring/Summer 2010:
Hiebeler's SPEED Lab Group, Spring/Summer 2010
(Jeff, Nick, Rachel, Andrew A., Jack, David, Isaac, Yin, Andrew J. Missing: Errol)


(No photo yet) Peter Bilodeau
Undergraduate Student
Peter is a Computer Science major, and joined the group in Spring 2011. He has been implementing iOS versions of some of our simulation models, so they can be run on Apple's iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad devices.
(No photo yet) Timothy Buchak
Undergraduate Student
Tim is a Math major who joined the group in Summer 2010. He has worked on a population model with continuous-valued heterogeneous habitat, and a bit with the household models.
Jack Hill Jack Hill
Graduate Student
Jack is a Master's student in Mathematics & Statistics. Since summer 2009, he has been helping to develop more Java simulation applets, which will be an important part of K-12 outreach activities.
Isaac Michaud Isaac Michaud
Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, Visiting Lecturer
Isaac joined the group in Summer 2007 when he was an undergraduate math major, and attended MTBI in the summers of 2007 and 2008. He finished his undergraduate honors thesis "Static Heterogeneous Recovery Rates in a Household Model" with me in Spring 2009, and then became a graduate student in Summer 2009. In December 2011, he finished his Master's thesis on "Targeted Treatment in a Community Model". Isaac has worked on just about everything the SPEED Lab does. Beginning in Spring 2012, he is working as a visiting lecturer at the University of New England, but still interacts with the group as time permits.
Rachel Rier Rachel Rier
Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student
Rachel is a Math major, and joined the group in Spring 2010 as an undergraduate. She graduated in December 2010, and became a graduate student in Spring 2011. She is working on stochastic epidemiological models.
(No photo yet) Sonia Rode
Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student
Sonia is a Computer Science major, and joined the group in Summer 2012 while still an undergraduate. She has been developing Java applets and Android versions of some of our simulation models, including the Internet worm simulation of the entire IPv4 address space.

SPEED ED Lab Current Members

I try to find students who are planning to go into secondary education in mathematics or related (STEM) fields, and involve them in my group activities. Depending on the student, this may involve participation in one of our current research projects, or exploration and development of some models/demonstrations which will aid in K-12 outreach efforts by the group.

I don't have any Secondary Ed / Math-Ed students involved at this time, but am looking for some. Contact Dr. Hiebeler if you are interested.