SPEED Lab Funding

External Funding

University Funding

I have received occasional supplemental support from the University of Maine Office of the Vice President for Research to help support undergraduate research assistants, which helped establish my research group. In addition, the following specific awards funded particular projects.


Support has been provided by the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI), a summer research program held at Arizona State University, run by Carlos Castillo-Chavez. Specifically, MTBI has supported 2-3 students each year to attend the summer program since summer 2005 (Dr. Hiebeler's NSF grants have also supported students to attend beginning in summer 2008), and hired Dr. Hiebeler as an instructor and research mentor each year since 2006. Cooperation with MTBI has greatly helped with training student research assistants and advancing the SPEED Lab's research agenda.

MTBI's funding was provided by The National Science Foundation, award number DMS-0502349; The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; The National Security Agency, award number H98230-06-1-0097; and Arizona State University.